PLX Successfully Demonstrates Material Verification Tool in Houston

Plastometrex, a world leader in non-destructive mechanical test technology, has achieved a significant breakthrough in accelerating pipeline material verification while improving reliability, in preparation for PHMSA’s Mega Rule.

The company’s new, non-destructive material verification tool has successfully undergone validation and showcased exceptional accuracy for measuring yield- and engineering-strength across pipe diameters ranging from 4″ to 36″. This milestone was achieved during rigorous testing conducted at the Pipeline Research Council International’s (PRCI) Technology Development Center in Houston, Texas.

Plastometrex products are already widely used across industries such as advanced and additive manufacturing, providing rapid, precise and highly insightful materials data in a fraction of the time and effort required by conventional testing methods. This new tool for testing pipes has been developed with the same ethos, and in conversation with major industry players, so the solution is easy to use and delivers final and reliable yield strength and UTS results in real-time at the test site.

The underlying technology is largely the same as that found in Plastometrex’s Benchtop Plastometer, which is in use at some of the most advanced and recognisable companies and institutions in the world. It is based on 15 years of prior research, is simple and quick, and is called Profilometry-based Indentation Plastometry (PIP). The technology works by creating an indent, which is then measured and analysed by proprietary accelerated inverse finite element software, and in just a few minutes full stress-strain curves to UTS and material strength parameters are delivered.

To validate the technology in this new tool format, Plastometrex embarked on a thorough, year-long validation journey. Over 150 pipes of varying sizes and thicknesses underwent testing, with results meticulously compared to those of tensile tests. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), extreme temperature, and vibration exposure tests were also successfully conducted on the tool.

“We’re really pleased with the results of this validation process,” said Dr James Dean, CEO at Plastometrex. “As the industry braces for the Mega Rule implementation, ensuring the integrity of pipeline systems is paramount. Our Portable Plastometer presents a reliable and efficient means for verifying pipe, aiding operators to adhere to the rigorous standards of safety and performance.”

To mark the successful completion of this validation process, Plastometrex invites industry professionals to join them at the PRCI Open House in Houston, TX on October 5th. The event will feature a showcase of Plastometrex’s pipeline solution, accompanied by insights into the internal and external validation processes conducted in collaboration with industry leaders.