Pop-Tarts® unveils college football’s first edible mascot at the brand's inaugural bowl game

Pop-Tarts® will unwrap the first ever edible mascot at the 2023 Pop-Tarts Bowl

The winning team of the upcoming Pop-Tarts® Bowl will go home with far more than just bragging rights and a Championship Trophy; they can also expect a belly full of the first-ever Edible Mascot. Because when Pop-Tarts® tackles College Football, no rituals are safe.  

“For sixty years, Pop-Tarts has sacrificed everything in the name of Crazy Good flavor, so why wouldn’t that include our beloved Football Mascot, too?” said Heidi Ray, Senior Director of Marketing, Pop-Tarts. “Since we announced our title sponsorship of the Pop-Tarts Bowl, fans have been speculating on the larger-than-life game day experiences we will be tackling, and this is the first of many traditions that fans can expect Pop-Tarts to upend on game day.”

Pop-Tarts recently unveiled a new Creative Direction featuring “Agents of Crazy Good,” an ingenious crew that come fully frosted and ready to challenge expectations for where the brand can show up next – all while rallying for a chance to be fans’ next snack. The Pop-Tarts Bowl Mascot is an IRL manifestation of this campaign; it will run around the stadium interacting with fans and, when the final whistle blows, transform into a game-winning snack for the victors, just like in our most recent advertisements.  

Stay tuned next week, following the Bowl Matchup Announcements, for additional Crazy Good moments Pop-Tarts® has in store for the first-ever Pop-Tarts Bowl, from concessions and Fan Fest to the entertainment on and off the field.

The 2023 Pop-Tarts® Bowl airs live on ESPN December 28 at 5:45 p.m. ET. The post-season showdown will unfold as representatives from the Atlantic Coast and Big 12 conferences face off at Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

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