B–ON Pelkan eLCV and proprietary smart dispenser technology shown for first time in US at CES

B–ON, a pioneering force in the global clean mobility landscape, has presented its Pelkan electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) and innovative smart dispenser technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, both shown on US soil for the first time.

Pelkan, the first offering in the company’s next-generation lineup of productive vehicles and tools, will be available in both 54 and 43 kWh variants starting later in the year. The Pelkan is expected to achieve a class-leading payload of 2,720 – 2,910 lbs (1,234 – 1,320 kg) combined with a long battery range of up to 185 miles (298 km) and is designed to be more ergonomic for drivers and more cost-competitive for business owners than comparable offerings in its class.

Also on display at the show for the first time in the US is the company’s proprietary smart dispenser technology, designed to significantly reduce the time required for drivers to load and unload packages in last-mile delivery use cases.

 The system is made up of a rotating set of shelves that sit in the vehicles’ cargo box, directly inside a row of scanners. The tech scans the address of each package as it is loaded into a shelf and uses GPS to automatically retrieve the corresponding package as the driver arrives at its destination. No sorting or stacking is required, and the system will also indicate to the driver if the wrong package is pulled at the destination.

Designed to be offered as a stand-alone add-on or integrated into the Pelkan, the company estimates that the tech pays for itself within 6 months of use due to the increase in productivity for drivers.

At the CES launch event, B–ON’s CEO Bruno Lambert, who co-founded the company in 2020, shared his insights into the importance of productivity in the transportation industry. Under his leadership, B–ON is poised for a new wave of growth, focused on innovation that aligns with market demands.

“Productivity is not just a metric for us; it’s a philosophy that drives our commitment to creating vehicles that enhance efficiency and profitability,” Mr Lambert said. “That’s why we are also proudly showcasing our commitment to the #SpaceForCities campaign and urging colleagues, partners and peers to join the movement.”

Highlighting its commitment to urban sustainability, B–ON proudly supports the #SpaceForCities movement, advocating for more efficient vehicle utilization. The company showcased this initiative at CES, emphasizing the importance of productivity in reducing the number of delivery vehicles on the road, ultimately creating more space in cities.