Hybrid Power Solutions launches Batt Pack Spark as a fuel-free alternative to 25kw diesel generator

Hybrid Power Solutions Inc. a manufacturer of industrial portable power solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, the Batt Pack Spark. As the newest product in their fuel-free, portable power line-up, the Batt Pack Spark is designed to meet growing demand for clean, safe and cost-effective power solutions on construction, military, mining and job sites.

The Batt Pack Spark serves as a compelling fuel-free alternative to diesel generators. In terms of performance, it can be most easily compared to a 25kW towable diesel generator, which is one of the most commonly used models on the market. This innovative product is available in both a hybrid and all-electric model.

Key features include:

Powerful Performance: With 24,000W of continuous power and the capability to handle up to 48,000W of surge power, the Batt Pack Spark ensures reliable and robust performance across diverse applications.

Energy Storage Capacity: Equipped with a 28kWh capacity, the Batt Pack Spark offers an efficient energy storage solution, catering to the demands of extended usage.

Weatherproof: Rated to operate in extreme conditions, from -30°C to 50°C, the Batt Pack Spark is a resilient and adaptable power solution for various environments and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Solar Input Power: Harnessing the power of the sun, the Batt Pack Spark features an impressive 18,000W of solar input power, enhancing its capability for off-grid operations.

Versatile Charging Options: The Batt Pack Spark can be charged via multiple sources, including solar panels, the grid, or a generator, providing flexibility.

Comprehensive Accessories: To enhance its functionality, the Batt Pack Spark comes with accessories such as a 90,000 lumen light tower, a towable trailer for easy transport, and folding solar panels for added convenience.

The all-electric model of the Batt Pack Spark provides companies with a net-zero power solution, completely offsetting fuel consumption. On the other hand, the hybrid model is perfect for round the clock and off grid usage and can reduce fuel costs by up to 75% when solar isn’t available.

“By focusing on performance first, we can offer our customers a highly effective alternative that also happens to be better for the environment, ” said Francois Byrne, CEO. “We believe the Batt Pack Spark will redefine how industries approach power generation, providing efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for various applications.”

As with the rest of Hybrid’s portable products, the Batt Pack Spark is proudly engineered & built in Canada. The launch of the Batt Pack Spark highlights Hybrid’s dedication to manufacturing cost-effective and environmentally friendly choices for industries seeking sustainable power solutions.