GTC Vorro Technology provides and manages H2S treatment solution for Permian Basin production lease

GTC Vorro Technology a turnkey provider of environmental process technologies to oil and gas, refining and petrochemical companies, celebrates a trouble-free year of successfully providing its high-performance, environmentally friendly hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal process to a major oilfield production lease in the Permian (Delaware) Basin.

Utilizing a proven, safe and efficient method of treating H2S, GTC Vorro has multiple SweetTreatTM units that have been providing robust, continuous operation since Q4 2022 at the major operator’s site, located in Lea County, New Mexico.

“GTC Vorro is pleased to be reducing H2S to pipeline spec in their associated gas through use of our extremely reliable, zero emission, unmanned process,” said Phillip Walsh, Vice President, GTC Vorro Environmental Services Division. “We offer a comprehensive turnkey, customized approach providing the lowest full life-cycle cost per pound of H2S removed in the industry.”

GTC Vorro has used its holistic approach to provide a non-hazardous alternative to removing H2S for natural gas processing. By utilizing correctly selected technologies (in this case, solid scavengers, optimized equipment design and honed processes), GTC Vorro is able to safely remove all H2S in this Upstream application. Options for Midstream and Downstream refinery and petrochemical locations are also available.

“Our H2S removal system is the best, most economical in the industry for treating sour gas while eliminating emissions and hazardous waste,” Mr.Walsh added. “The system requires no electrical power or dedicated labor at the site to operate and has no negative impact on downstream processes. There’s no pigging, solids drop out to manage or chemical compatibility issues to worry about.

“We have a history of going above and beyond for our clients, building long term ongoing relationships. Building on that, we are happy to be a part of this project as it has generated significant interest from other departments and locations for this prestigious customer.”