AT&T Smart Label tracking improves real-time visibility for global supply chains

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for resilient and adaptable supply chains, and now, in the wake of global conflicts, climate change, and attacks on cargo vessels, organizations continue to learn key lessons that are reshaping the sector.

These days, disruptions are expected so organizations of all sizes are investing in ways to improve visibility, reduce delays, and prevent loss, fraud, and theft.

To meet the needs of the ever-changing supply chain, AT&T introduced the new AT&T Smart Label solution that goes beyond track-and-trace capabilities, with enhanced near-real-time visibility and expanded condition monitoring capabilities.

AT&T Smart Label is a discreet shipping label that provides robust sensor data, like temperature, humidity, shock, and tampering as well as near-real-time information on location and status. It uses AT&T’s highly secure cellular connectivity to connect around the globe in over 210 countries. Unlike many asset trackers that require reverse logistics, AT&T Smart Label is built so it can be disposed of after use and arrival at its destination.

Condition monitoring, a key feature, enables businesses to respond to disruptions during transit instead of at delivery. Customizable alerts can be set for events like leaving a geo-fenced area or when a temperature threshold is exceeded. Managing a massive number of active shipments is now easier than ever. With these insights, organizations can see where delays or breakage occur, to proactively respond to changes, and fix issues before they become a larger problem or financial loss.

This is important when sending items like food or medications. For example, in the medical industry, manufacturers can monitor temperature, humidity or tampering that may render vaccines or lab samples unusable. This can help reduce breakage.

Businesses can then manage their shipments using a SaaS platform or directly in their own systems with API integration, streamlining workflows. For small businesses, this means a ready-to-go solution that’s easy to use and deploy.

For organizations of all sizes, planning how to incorporate AT&T Smart Label into processes or systems can be daunting. That is why AT&T supports every AT&T Smart Label deployment with the business case planning, design, and integration expertise of our Consulting and Professional Services organization.

While supply chains continue to evolve and become more complex, managing shipments doesn’t need to. Businesses that embrace smart label technology can better navigate uncertainties and build a foundation for the future.