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Dunmore announces DUN-SOFT™, its new soft touch film

Dunmore announced its new DUN-SOFT™ soft touch film for packaging, labeling, and plastic or metal finishing applications. DUN-SOFT™ has excellent tactile and mechanical properties including superior rub resistance, excellent printability, and it meets regulatory requirements for indirect food contact.

The standard DUN-SOFT™ soft touch film offerings are 12 and 25-micron PET film with a roll width of up to 80 inches. It has excellent film to coating adhesion and print adhesion with water and solvent-based Flexo and UV inks.

Custom film substrates include soft touch lamination on PET film, BOPP film, nylon film, polyethylene film, polycarbonate film, and foils, with numerous thicknesses. Durability, scuff resistance, and gloss level can be adjusted, along with other aesthetic enhancements with multi-color, dyed, and metalized film options for better shelf appeal. FDA compliant soft touch coatings can also be formulated into this velvet lamination film.

“Dunmore is excited to add another new product to our growing portfolio of commercial products,” Nik Taritas, Dunmore’s Vice-President of Business Development, commented. “This soft touch film is ideal for higher end packaging applications where a strong tactile and visual appeal is required. DUN-SOFT™ soft touch film seamlessly integrates performance and aesthetics, bringing durability and enhanced branding to your packaging and label requirements.”

More information and technical details about DUN-SOFT™ soft touch film can be found on the Dunmore website, along with Dunmore’s other offerings for surfacing applications.