Tenjaku Whisky USA adds award-winning, craft Japanese vodka rated ‘exceptional’ to portfolio of spirits

Tenjaku Whisky USA, an importer of leading Japanese spirits, has announced the arrival of Tenjaku Japanese Vodka. With a base made from Yamada Nishiki rice, famed for its use in the highest quality sakes, and natural spring water drawn from 250 meters below the Mt. Fuji basin, it is a unique vodka that truly embodies the essence of Japan. Tenjaku Japanese Vodka boasts a subtle sweetness and mellow aroma unique to Japan’s highest quality rice with a deliciously refreshing aftertaste.

Tenjaku Japanese Vodka has a mellowness produced by the technique of combining koji malt with polished Japanese rice. In addition to the commonly used birch charcoal, Tenjaku Japanese Vodka’s filtration process incorporates bamboo charcoal, an excellent absorber of impurities and a mineralizer. The result is a clear, smooth vodka that is fresh and authentically Japanese.

The brand has launched an anime gift box. This eye-catching design is a true original and unique visual departure for a new demographic. It’s a nod to the classic Japanese art form while introducing the personality of Tenjaku Japanese Vodka.

The launch of Tenjaku Japanese Vodka adds to an award-winning portfolio of Tenjaku spirits available countrywide including: Tenjaku Japanese Blended Whisky, Tenjaku Japanese Pure Malt Whisky and Tenjaku Japanese Gin.

Tenjaku Japanese Vodka has already added new professional accolades to the Tenjaku spirits portfolio. Tenjaku Japanese Vodka won a Gold Medal and is rated 91 points “Exceptional” by the Beverage Tasting Institute. A versatile spirit, Tenjaku Japanese Vodka recently proudly won third place at the 2024 World Cocktail Championships in the “Vodka Cocktail – Cosmopolitan” category, defeating far more expensive spirits.

Tenjaku’s products are currently available in over 40 states in the US and continue to expand. They are imported by MHW, Ltd. headquartered in Manhasset, New York.

“We’re proud to bring the latest addition to the Tenjaku spirits family to the United States, and to continue to deliver these high-quality, award-winning Japanese spirits at prices that deliver real consumer value even in the current economic environment,” said Craig Kodish, Managing Director of Tenjaku Whisky USA. “We’ve been thrilled with the overwhelming response to the soft and sweet, distinctly Japanese profile of Tenjaku Japanese Vodka, in the anime gift box.

“This sleek design is quickly becoming a favorite of existing and new Tenjaku consumers, including the famously passionate community who celebrate anime products.”

Tenjaku Japanese Vodka will launch with an MSRP of $24.99. It is currently available in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey and New York, with additional markets available later in 2024.