Holt Logistics’ Packer Avenue Marine Terminal enhances gate operations with Advent eModal’s PreGate System

Advent eModal (AeM), the world’s largest port community system serving the intermodal supply chain, has announced that Packer Avenue Marine Terminal, operated by Greenwich Terminals LLC and a part of Holt Logistics Corp., has expanded its use of AeM’s eModal Community Portal with the deployment of PreGate at the Port of Philadelphia. The addition of the PreGate application complements the terminal’s existing Drayage Truck Registry (DTR), which tracks and manages drayage trucks operating within the port and its associated intermodal facilities.  

The terminal’s integration of PreGate with DTR enhances gate operations. The application allows truckers and shippers to schedule appointments in advance to facilitate a more efficient entry and exit process. eModal PreGate’s integration with DTR also offers real-time notifications about changes across core appointment functions, such as yard and dispatch planning, vessel scheduling and cargo availability, driving increased visibility and efficiencies across the port.

“Adding eModal PreGate supports our modernization strategies and will allow us to increase throughput at the port,” said David Whene, President at Greenwich Terminals LLC. “This initiative will improve experiences for the trucking community by providing increased visibility into critical appointment details. Further modernization to drive efficiency across terminal operations reinforces us as a central supply chain hub in North America.”

The integration of PreGate enhances coordination with the motor carrier community, giving users and operators visibility into relevant gate and yard statuses. By validating truck information in advance, PreGate reduces wait times and alleviates congestion at the terminal gates. These enhancements boost security measures and the overall efficiency and responsiveness of the supply chain.

“The implementation of eModal PreGate will enable growth for logistics hubs like Packer Avenue Marine Terminal as their needs evolve,” said Parvez Mansuri, CEO of Advent eModal. “Advent eModal solutions empower our partners and customers to operate with transparency and predictability, helping them navigate today’s supply chain challenges. Our continued collaboration with Packer Avenue Marine Terminal is a significant milestone for AeM as a trusted partner to terminal operators on the East Coast.”

Holt Logistics’ Packer Avenue Marine Terminal went live with PreGate in April 2024.