New Era for superyacht companies

MarineMax announced an important change within the MarineMax Group of companies.  

Since becoming the largest superyacht services company in the world, through the combination acquisitions of Fraser Yachts, Northrop & Johnson, Fairport Yacht Management, SuperYacht Management (SYM), and Atalanta Golden Yachts, the group has assessed how best to integrate and combine functional areas to make the overall group stronger. The company also hoped to improve the experience and opportunities for the team members and enhance the client offering across the board, while maintaining the culture and independency of the brands.
As a solution, the company has created a new division within MarineMax, called the ‘Superyacht Division’ (SYD). This new division will combine the back-office functions for the company’s Superyacht brands into one global support structure.  HR, Accounting, Finance, Legal & Compliance, Martech, Video & Image Production, Business Intelligence, and Technology will now all fall under one ‘roof’, integrating the backend of each brand into one international organization, without changing the DNA of MarineMax’s well-established, individual brands. 
To lead this new organization, the company has also appointed Daniel Ziriakus to Group Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, and Alessandra Nenci to Group Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. 
“The creation of the Superyacht Division represents a pivotal moment for MarineMax,” Chuck Cashman, Chief Revenue Officer of MarineMax, stated. “With Daniel and Alessandra at the helm, we are confident in our ability to deliver unparalleled service and support to our clients.

“This new structure will not only enhance operational efficiency but also reinforce our commitment to maintaining the unique identities of our esteemed brands while offering an elevated customer experience. Equipping our team with best-in-class tools guarantees superior marketing, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional support.”

Meet the team

 Before taking on his position as Group Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Ziriakus has spent the past 18 years building and restructuring global yacht brokerage houses from a marketing perspective – first Fraser Yachts in 2007, then Camper & Nicholson’s International in 2012.

For the past decade he has been overseeing Northrop & Johnson’s expansion to become the largest US superyacht brokerage house. During his time as first, COO, and then President & Chief Operating Officer, Northrop & Johnson has produced double-digit growth revenue year-on-year while growing the workforce to 230+ individuals across the globe.  Daniel has been integral in revitalizing the Northrop & Johnson brand and reorganizing the marketing and sales departments, re-engineering the global infrastructure and heavily focusing on technology and data to deliver unprecedented growth in the superyacht brokerage industry. 

As one of the industry’s most dynamic leaders, Daniel is set to elevate the status quo with the Superyacht Division (SYD).  
Alessandra Nenci joined Fraser Yachts in 2013 and became Chief Financial Officer in 2017. With an international career in corporate finance and M&A, working across various sectors and countries, Alessandra’s background and wealth of experience has been vast both in the financial and legal domain. Her experience in the yachting industry started in 2006 with the Perini Group, then Gruppo Baglietto and continued with Heesen Yachts until joining Fraser Yachts under the Azimut-Benetti ownership.

In her career in the yachting industry, Alessandra has had the privilege to work closely with the founders and leaders of primary shipyards and iconic brands and develop an understanding of production processes and products. In her 11 years at Fraser, Alessandra has positively impacted organizational growth and transformation under MarineMax ownership.  Her contributions are recognized for comprehensive industry knowledge, professionalism and accountability. 
Together, Alessandra and Daniel will lead the Superyacht Division to provide best-in-class technology and support services for the full suite of companies in the portfolio. Focusing on the talents of some of the most experienced industry professionals, the Superyacht Division will be able to provide clients with elevated customer experience in all service areas.  

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