Fooditive launches revolutionary ‘Keto-Fructose’ sweetener in the U.S.

Fooditive Group, a pioneering Dutch plant-based ingredient manufacturer, is poised to revolutionize the American food and beverage industry with its groundbreaking, plant-based sweetener, Keto-Fructose (5-keto-D-fructose). This innovative sugar alternative, currently undergoing FDA GRAS assessment, is set to establish a new standard for sugar substitutes with its unparalleled taste, functionality, and sustainability.

The contents

Keto-Fructose offers extraordinary sweetness while preserving all the vital functionalities of sugar. This breakthrough enables food and beverage manufacturers to craft healthier, sugar-free products that consumers will love, without compromising on taste, texture, or shelf-life.

Derived from apples and pears through an exclusive fermentation process, Keto-Fructose seamlessly replaces sugar in a diverse array of applications, including chocolate, baked goods, fruit fillings, glazes, and beverages. The sweetener closely mimics the flavor profile of sugar. This makes it an ideal replacement for reducing sugar content without losing the beloved taste consumers crave.

Getting approvals

Fooditive is actively negotiating with some of the largest companies in the food and beverage sectors to introduce Keto-Fructose to a wider audience. The company is also seeking additional partnerships with leading manufacturers, distributors, and industry innovators to expedite the adoption of Keto-Fructose in the U.S. market. By integrating this revolutionary sweetener into more products, Fooditive aims to significantly impact the industry and meet the soaring demand for healthier, sugar-free alternatives.

“Fooditive understands the challenges associated with replacing sugar, and we recognize that the effectiveness of a sugar alternative is not solely measured by taste,” Moayad Abushokhedim, CEO of Fooditive, said. “This is why our Keto-Fructose sweetener goes beyond replicating the beloved sweetness of sugar. Its additional functionality enables seamless use in applications and reflects our dedication to meeting the real needs of food manufacturers with forward-thinking solutions.

“Fooditive stands at the forefront of supporting the food industry’s desire to reduce sugar content while preserving the qualities that sugar adds to food products. This new sweetener embodies our spirit of innovation, our commitment to sustainability and health, and our mission to identify ingredients that fulfill the needs of American food producers. We want to enable them to meet consumer demand for healthier products.”

In addition to its unmatched taste and functionality, Keto-Fructose boasts impressive sustainability credentials and an attractive price point. By utilizing waste side-streams from apple and pear processing to produce the sweetener, Fooditive enhances a circular economy, minimizes environmental impact, and ensures an affordable, accessible product for manufacturers and consumers alike.

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