CRA completes construction of specialty facility

Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA), a renowned just-in-time (JIT) manufacturer of high-quality corrosion-resistant alloy tubulars, is pleased to announce the successful completion of construction at its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Brenham, Texas.

This milestone represents a significant step forward in CRA’s commitment to providing the fastest, most reliable, and highest-quality corrosion-resistant alloy tubulars in the world.

The newly completed facility is a testament to CRA’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Designed to expand manufacturing capabilities and capacity, streamline processes, and respond to the dynamic needs of the industry and energy sectors, this facility will enable CRA to offer its customers even faster tailor-made solutions to meet their evolving demands.

Phase I of the facility, situated on a spacious 40+ acre campus, is comprised of a cold pilger mill, rotary and press straighteners, various computer numerical control (CNC) machines and machine tools, concrete pipe storage yard, and pipe inspection facilities.

Upon completion of construction, CRA began the installation of the cold pilger mill set to enhance the capabilities beyond that of their operational mill in Ohio. The expanded capabilities of this mill include the ability to accommodate larger outer diameters (OD) from 3.543 up to 13.5 inches, heavier wall thickness ranging from 0.175 up to 2.5 inches, and longer lengths of up to 70 feet.

Cole Patchell, president of CRA, said: “This project is the culmination of more than a decade of planning. We are excited to be able to offer increased capacity, enhanced capabilities, and increased speed. While construction is complete, commercial operations at this facility are dependent upon our mill installation timeline and the successful completion of a series of internal trials to ensure our strict standards for quality, reliability, and safety are met.”

Corrosion Resistant Alloys, LLC is a manufacturer of high-grade corrosion-resistant alloy pipe and tubes for industries including midstream and upstream oil and gas. The company’s products can also accommodate requirements for aerospace; chemical processing; deep space; defense; marine; power generation; refining; waste disposal; geothermal; hydrogen production; and carbon capture (CCUS).

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