Rosie’s Burgers announces signing of first real-estate location in Alberta

Happy Belly Food Group Inc, a leading consolidator of emerging food brands is pleased to announce it has secured a lease and franchisee for its first Alberta-based location of Rosie’s Burgers, a boutique QSR restaurant brand serving original recipe smash burgers, poutine, onion rings, milkshakes and more, located within the premier shopping district of 8th Street & 17th Avenue in the City of Calgary, Alberta.

“This will be our second brand in the area surrounding 17th Avenue in Calgary, a strategic choice due to the area’s vibrant and bustling atmosphere. As one of the city’s premier shopping and dining districts, 17th Avenue attracts a diverse crowd of locals and tourists eager to explore new dining options.

“Additionally, the community’s growing focus on delicious foods that support Canadian businesses makes it an ideal market for Rosie’s. Establishing a store in this dynamic locale provides excellent visibility and the opportunity to become a favorite among foodies in Calgary. We anticipate that this location will significantly extend Rosie’s customer base in a densely populated area that aligns well with the brand’s demographics. This presents us with substantial opportunities both in-store and through delivery services,” said Sean Black, Chief Investment Officer of Happy Belly.

“Cementing our first location in Alberta for Rosie’s is a huge step in planting the flag for our smash burger brand. This is just the start of our contractually committed 20 units for the province of Alberta. Many more still to come as we continue to leverage our franchising experience to accelerate our growth and secure prime real estate locations for our franchisees across Canada. We anticipate possession taking place in Q3 and an opening in Q4 of this year.”

“We are engaged in numerous discussions with various groups throughout Canada to accelerate the growth of our brand portfolio. Numerous opportunities present themselves as we organically expand Happy Belly’s presence in the QSR space. We are excited to share updates on newly secured locations for our brands as we continue to drive growth through our asset-light franchise model.”

Happy Belly Food Group Inc. is a leading consolidator of emerging food brands

Rosie’s is a neighborhood burger shop serving up nostalgic flavors. From Smashburger’s and French fries to strawberry shakes and onion rings-Rosie’s is all about keeping things simple and perfecting tradition.

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