Changing American perceptions of Italian Pinot Grigio

Robilant, the leading global branding studio based in Milan, announced the launch of Flora Lisa, a captivating new Pinot Grigio that has been designed to introduce Italian flair and authenticity in this specific category in the U.S.

Leading importer and distributor Winebow partnered with Robilant to create an identity that is modern, lifestyle driven and in touch with today’s U.S. consumer, yet rooted in Italian culture and tradition.

With the U.S. Pinot Grigio market being saturated with stereotypes and clichés, Robilant’s primary objective was to set a preimmunized standard by introducing contemporary refinement, and what the studio calls “a timeless imaginary”.

Inspired by the concept of the muse – an enduring symbol of creativity and inspiration – Flora Lisa was conceived as more than just wine; it’s an experience. Drawing on the allure of Italian Renaissance and the iconic value of femininity, the brand story takes consumers on a journey through an enchanting traditional Italian garden, with every sip evoking a sense of splendor and gaiety.

“Flora Lisa represents the perfect fusion of classical Italian heritage and modern sophistication,” said Fabio Molinaro, Creative Director, Robilant. “Italy and the U.S. have always had a strong connection, but the relationship is evolving, and we wanted to recognize that. Americans are beginning to appreciate that Italian wine is exclusive and distinctive and deserves an original place at the higher end of the market.”

From sourcing and partnering with a skilled Italian winery to developing a creative brand strategy that serves as a cultural bridge, every aspect of the Flora Lisa brand reflects Robilant’s dedication to storytelling and craftsmanship, as well as its forensic understanding of global markets.

Flora Lisa’s visual identity captivates consumers with its elegant logo and intricate illustrations. The verdant design artfully mirrors the organic provenance of the grape and the sophisticated flavor profile found within the bottle, portraying its herbaceous fruitiness with personality and style.

“We wanted Flora Lisa to not only stand out on shelf but also to evoke a sense of intrigue,” said Molinaro. “From the moment you lay eyes on the bottle, you’re transported to a world of grace: where beauty rhymes with quality.”

“Robilant understands the importance of concept and narrative. We possess a deep appreciation of Italian heritage and the nuances of the US market. Our goal was to redefine the image of Italian Pinot Grigio in America by marrying classical elegance with modern appeal.”

Brad Mayer, SVP Marketing at Winebow said: “We are grateful for our productive and creative partnership with Robilant. We look forward to Flora Lisa becoming an iconic Pinot Grigio that takes this variety to the next level in the U.S. market. We’re delighted with our new muse and can’t wait to introduce her to American consumers.”

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