Energy Plug Inks First Battery Deal

Earlier this year, Energy Plug announced an agreement for a two-phase clean electricity generation program with Ximen to design, power and generate energy for the Kenville Gold Mine, British Colombia, leveraging renewable power sources including solar and hydropower.

During the program’s first phase, Energy Plug will supply and support the installation of a solar power-connected 20kWh Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery application helping Ximen avoid black and brown outs while reducing their overall diesel consumption helping with its net-zero targets.

“Energy Plug is committed to helping organizations of all sizes tap into battery storage technologies to support climate objectives and reduce energy costs,” said Broderick Gunning, Energy Plug President & CEO. “We’re pleased to be working alongside Ximen to deliver a clean energy program that will support its critical infrastructure and balance its energy supply with renewable energy sources, validating the important role of BESS for sustainable energy.”

The second phase of the energy program is expected to include the installation of a 100kWh BESS at the Kenville Gold Mine. The BESS systems will be designed to accommodate high power consumption equipment including compressors and ventilation systems. Once installed, the BESS system will allow Ximen to store energy during off-peak hours and supply it back during peak load periods, increasing the energy efficiency of the mine site, and reducing strain on the site’s grid system.

“When we looked to expand our clean energy program to support Kenville Gold Mine operations, Energy Plug was a natural fit,” said Christopher R. Anderson, President, CEO and Director, Ximen. “Energy Plug’s technology will integrate seamlessly within our existing infrastructure, providing critical support for our energy system and enabling us to make significant progress toward our net zero objectives.”

Phase one installations are expected to be completed throughout the summer and will generate twenty-five thousand dollars in revenue per 20kWh unit delivered for Energy Plug. Phase two is expected to launch in Q4 of this year. More information about the program.

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