Miller’s Launch

Known as the Swiss Army Knife of the Atlantic Ocean, Miller’s Launch is renowned for its versatile support services. For more than 45 years, the company has risen to the challenge of each request it receives. Vice President Nick Miller explained more, in an exclusive interview. Report written by Imogen Ward.

Drone Delivery Canada

Drone Delivery Canada is a publicly traded, award winning company focused on designing, developing, and implementing commercially viable, drone-based delivery systems. CEO Steve Magirias explained to Hannah Barnett how the company is disrupting the logistics market.

Northstar Downhole Specialists

For more than 40 years, Northstar Downhole Specialists has provided customers with first class downhole solutions. Now, following the decision to diversify its capabilities, the company is exploring a new area. President Keith Marshall and Vice President Dave Sudlow explained more about this development, in an exclusive interview with Imogen Ward. 

C.H. Guenther & Son

C.H. Guenther & Son is a leading food manufacturer that has delivered high-quality products and ‘just baked from scratch’ flavours for over 170 years. With manufacturing locations worldwide, including Europe’s most advanced bakery, it is making significant strides in sustainability through energy and waste reduction, and progressive farming practices. Andy Probert discovered more in discussion with Rosalinda Sanquiche, Global Senior Manager, Sustainability & Communications, and Jean-Charles Philippon, Managing Director, Europe.

Open Ocean Robotics

Open Ocean Robotics offers safe, affordable, and sustainable ways to collect and manage oceanographic and maritime data. The company’s innovative autonomous robotic data collection platform and cloud-based software system provides real time data acquisition with AI driven analytics. Hannah Barnett spoke to co-founder & CEO Julie Angus and Director of Sales Andy Ziegwied to discuss what makes the company so special.


Sonoco brings more to packaging than the physical wrapping. The company’s integrated solutions help define brand personalities, create unique customer experiences, and enhance the quality of products for people around the world. Hannah Barnett spoke to VP Global Environmental, Sustainability, & Technical Services Elizabeth Rhue and VP & General Manager, Paper & Fiber Supply, US/CAN, Palace Stepps to find out more. 

AMB Sports and Entertainment

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta has been set on sustainability since it opened in 2017. Renowned businessman and owner Arthur M. Blank challenged his leaders at AMB Sports and Entertainment to raise the standard and create the most sustainable stadium in the US. Adam Fullerton, VP of Stadium Operations and Andrew Bohenko, Sustainability Initiatives Manager, explained to Hannah Barnett how the stadium manages its environmental footprint on such a vast scale.

Astor Chocolate

Family-owned Astor Chocolate is a premier chocolatier renowned for its superior quality confections. As a leading purveyor of Belgian chocolates and gourmet snacks, the company’s approach goes beyond mere taste: by being big on sustainability, innovation and inspiration. Director of Sales & Operations, Nevada, Tori Halfon spoke to Andy Probert.

Anguilla Air & Sea Ports Authority

As one of the smallest Caribbean islands, Anguilla is not shy from thinking big. Having opened a new ferry port, the Anguilla Air and Sea Ports Authority is overseeing a game changing overhaul of its airport and plans to reshape commercial cargo operations. Chairman Andrew Niles sat down with Andy Probert to review the projects which are pivotal to the nation’s prosperity.


deBotech Inc. provides quality carbon fiber and composite products. Over the last 25 years, the company has designed, engineered, and manufactured everything from sailing spars used in the America’s Cup, to bodywork for various racing syndicates, and the U.S. Olympic bobsleds. Hannah Barnett spoke to President and CEO Hans deBot to learn more.