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Element Materials Technology

The Element Materials Technology Group (Element) is driven by a clear purpose: making tomorrow safer than today. With a global presence spanning hundreds of locations in dozens of countries, Element’s expertise touches nearly every aspect of the daily operations of so many industries worldwide. Dr. Mark Eldridge, Director of Hydrogen at Element, spoke with Richard Hagan.

Bordelon Marine

Based on the coast of Louisiana, Bordelon Marine has been providing international offshore support and subsea services for almost 45 years. Thanks to the versatility of its vessels, the company is in the process of diversifying into new sectors. President & CEO Wes Bordelon explained more, in an exclusive interview with Inside Marine. Report by Imogen Ward. 

Panolam Surface Systems

Thanks to innovation and acquisition, Panolam Surface Systems® offers the largest selection of integrated surface products. With more than 80 years’ experience, the company continues to grow and adapt to the evolving needs of the market. Senior Director of Marketing & Design Patricia Rongitsch, Senior Director of Environmental & Safety Jeff O’Hearn, and Creative Director Debbie Stach explained more, in an exclusive interview. Report by Imogen Ward.


Specialising in ship repair since 2001, NAVAMAR is the only shipyard on the Island of Montreal to offer a complete line of vessel repair services. The company boasts a 56,000 square foot facility, with more 30 tons of overhead traveling crane capacity. Hannah Barnett spoke with Alain Thériault, President, to learn more. 

Offshore Reparos Navais

For over 30 years, Offshore Reparos Navais has supported Brazil’s offshore oil and gas industry with a constantly growing bouquet of specialised maintenance and fabrication services. Director Bernhard Falke Döring spoke with Richard Hagan.

Campbell Shipping

In CEO Captain Rajesh Dhadwal’s opinion, Campbell Shipping is a different fish in the global ship management pool due to a strong emphasis on its people’s wellness. With everyone pulling together, it has enabled the company to confidently diversify into new sectors. Andy Probert learnt more from Capt Dhadwal and his team.

ASAP Industries Manufacturing

ASAP IndustriesManufacturing is one of the largest machine shops along the Gulf Coast. Since 2003, the business has provided comprehensive and custom machining services to global organizations, specializing in the oil and gas industry. U.S. Sales Manager Jack McIntyre told Imogen Ward and Hannah Barnett about what is currently keeping the company busy.

Chem Carriers

Chem Carriers is based in Sunshine, Louisiana, and operates on the lower Mississippi River between Corpus Christi and New Orleans. Director of Marketing Nick Kohnke explained more about the company’s decades of expertise in the inland marine liquid transportation industry.


For more than 60 years, Hydrasearch has provided valuable components to the maritime and aerospace markets. Now, with a desire for expansion, the company is reaching new heights by tackling new aerospace markets. Vice President of Sales Patrick Garrett gave insight into the latest developments, in an exclusive interview. Report by Imogen Ward.